~~~ The Thunder of My Giving ~~~

the world is shifting
and initiation appears
awkward and terrifying
because all that came before
is rendered mute

and you open, then close
contract like the yin
for within is a pure dot
of rising yang brilliance
made stronger by your falling

and the queen of hell is after you
because of her protection
of me garnered by
coffee, nicotine, red wine, and rum
I promised a garden of fire after all

purity untouched by rejection
so easy once words are delivered
you better destroy the link
made magickal by gifting and accepting
because the rebound is after you

not about me
no one needs me
just the world needs me
so much bigger, wider
than sleepy eyes can see

I’m laughing at my simple game
so serious and real
you think you know Babalon?
here she comes little sister, listen how she cums!

thus ends the lesson