Mental Stability in Magick

in some sense, the magician takes advantage of psychological ‘breaks’, and employs them for technical reasons. The reason meditation becomes important is because you need that context of true reality to do something like that in an artistic way.

even though we employ scientific method in magick; and that is to say you should be seeking to devise experiments which can prove your hypotheses about magick wrong; the results of magick do not always occur in the scientific domain.

it is important to remember that the artistic sphere co-arises with the objective sphere of reality. The simple problem and biggest mistake newcomers to magick make (to the detriment of their mental stability and ability to get on in the social world of normalcy) is confusing their artistic vision with what is ‘objectively real’. Your art, these royal and magickal arts are made objectively real by the way you behave and engage in the world; and are not made objectively real by musing about things or playing psychological games with your own wiring.

taking responsibility for yourself and your place in the world; balancing the planetary and pranic aspects of your nature (karma) as it were; is the first thing you must do. To avoid it causes problems because the awakening garnered by magick is a step process. Further, timing considerations need to be understood, and this has to do with your ‘groove’ in the world of form, your astrology (bhakti). The space where you are ‘in the zone’ and everything becomes possible. If you can achieve a balancing of planetary/karmic forces (grace) and apply the timing that is appropriate to your own peculiar nature through expressing and giving your unique gifts (bhakti) … you are perhaps prepared to actually have a meaningful gnosis, or trance of wisdom, which can provide real visions of true mechanics of the universe (jnana).

but all of that requires transcendence of each step, one after the other. Otherwise you lose your continuity with reality. Then you are just imagining things and the magick never becomes real; nothing extraordinary ever actually happens. It is absurd to think you are on to something in magick if your sense of joy, liberation, awe, and inspiration is not on a constant and spiraling increase, undefeated by the turbulence of the magickal current.

What’s My Name

The True Artist develops pseudonyms (masques) not as something to be thrown away, but as constant components to her complex existence to be integrated and transcended. When a completely new and radical unfolding in the artistic vision becomes apparent, where all old rote and rituals are suddenly and often violently rendered (not useless but) null; it becomes a sacred honor to consecrate this new awareness with a name.

In so embodying (inhabiting, remembering) this new transcendence, the artist must remain totally aware that the previous personalities of her now transcendental vision are still required as components in the maintenance of the new Genius thus attained thereunto. And the ultimate first calculation is a karma person such as it stood when the artist first began the habit of redefining and naming herself … apropos, all Genius requires the component of the original person you were programmed to be before you got to play your hand at hacking your own awareness.

By giving these states of awareness attained a name (masque), we can investigate their character by a process of objectification. In integral jargon: “the subject of your current state of awareness (subjective perception) becomes the object in the awareness of the higher transcendent state”. The proof of this occurrence is the negation of all conflicts experienced at the previous states. These conflicts may remain within the older, deeper, and component masques (pseudonyms); negation simply means they cease to leave a karmic trace … they now equal zero. This ‘equaling zero’ of the spiraling architecture of artistic personalities is called ‘transparency’. The metaphor here being of divine light, stained glass, nakedness and vulnerability, etc.

This process of the artistic evolution of Intellect has been alluded to everywhere by the wise because it is purposeful and is a process which is more accurately described as an operation (fnord). Some of my favorite axioms pointing to this secret can be found in Crowley’s “Love Under Will”, Wilber’s “Transcend and Include”, Falco’s “Arrow of Complexity”, and Dee’s “Hieroglyphic Monad”.

But what is important in Dancing the Masque is that there is a thread of continuity. That the Transcendent state comes ‘back to market’; befriends all the demons and enlists them in the honour guard; loves, embraces, maintains, and cares for all the previous states of personhood which are still so essential to the complex expression of artistic genius as it is right now. All masques must be given their proper timing and groove on the ballroom floor.

This may seem like a lot of work … and it is. But this way of working does not cost energy when the entire proccess is accounted. The act of transcendence radically liberates energies that had been locked away inside our unexplored kinks. This way of heaven, this way of immortality, purity and superiority was summed up by the most interesting man in the world when commenting on Masquerades:

“If the only thing that comes off at the unmasking hour is the mask, you have done something wrong.”

This is a good metaphor for transparency, and is a kind of vulnerable nakedness much more difficult than nudity. Its presense emits the sweet perfume of genius, intellect, myth, and artistry into the air like inscense. This is the eros and eroticism of all true sapiosexual potion; because the consciousness (soul) is the seat of transcendent wisdom. And the infinite of consciousness can paradoxically contain the void incomprehensibleness of pure Intellect; pure Wisdom, and that is Big Love. And the body in gross matter, ludicrouslly paradoxically can contain all of this; and that is power and bliss, and force and light.

This is why having the names of yourself and others remain in your pure heart is power. This is how developing a relationship with your global-centric self can allow you to put the entire planet and its complex symbiotic ecosystems into your pure heart. And this is how wisdom inhabits courage and acts in power. Through alignment, through timing, groove. Heat and Moisture, Vital Force and Subtle Electricities; the transmutation happens right on time.

Stay Thirsty, Stay Foolish.