Proposition of the 3 Trumps (XXXI VIM TRIPLEX): A Response to Inquiry


The proposition is that the entirety of the knowable (representative) universe can be demonstrated using known energy systems of the human body, namely, Prana, Chi, and Essence.

Prana is Planetary and Universal
Chi is Astrological and Transcendental
Essence is Elemental and Cosmic

The attributions of this trinity are extremely fluid, so that other 3-fold arrangements fit quite naturally, and interpenetrate the images themselves. An example of such an arrangement would be:

Kether – Sol – Essence
Chokmah – Luna – Chi
Binah – Terra – Prana

This interpenetration of various 3-fold arrangements is meant to be fluid, so like in the example above, each of the 3 images represent the 3 most exalted concepts within the representation of any given 1. Other trinities for meditation with these images include –¬†

being, consciousness, bliss
karma, bhakti, jnana
the good, the true, the beautiful
I, We, It
Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit

so on and so forth.

In practice, Prana encompasses planetary magick, the chakra system, and the realization of the universal oneness that involves itself in matter, and is the self same God that looks out from the eyes of animals, plants and trees, and all of nature and even inanimate matter. The same God we recognize as our deepest selves as well as the deepest self of All (etc.). Karma Yoga and seeing things as they are without the filter of ego or contracted self.

Chi is expressive, shiny, electric, and contains the unique richness of art and self-expression as a sexual and creative force and movement of nature. Whereas Prana is universal, Chi is transcendent and this is played out in our embodiment of the astrology in the fixed stars, and our souls journey and dance through many incarnations while remaining its unchangeable, permanent, and unique self. The connecting lines between the belt/vesica of the zodiac follow the order or the 12 meridians of eastern medicine. Bhakti Yoga and being yourself and giving your unique gifts.

Essence represents the distillation and cultivation of pure energies inherent in the elemental nature of the universe. It is the cosmic life-force and living god which is completely intelligent, and beyond any type of description. Totally trans-formative and evolutionary. The Godhead, and ultimate gnosis of jnana yoga. The doing of the Great Work and the actual living practice of alchemy and divine human transmutation. Its correspondences are the 8 extraordinary vessels of internal martial arts.

All the symbols in the system cover everything in western magick, vedantic mysticism, and eastern medicine. Its a 31 symbol system with obvious connections to regular style occult lurianic qabalah, the book of the law, enochian cosmology and mysticism, integral yoga, and other synchronic forms of trinity worship.