In The Garden of Souls

(Scribed in the Hall of Spheres, Damanhur, Piedmonte during the Winter Solstice and Halcyon Days of 2012)

Ask questions of the light. When there is time and dust to speak of, there will also be forthcoming beauty. This beauty take, accept gladly, and multiply. Fruit casting seeds over the little green earth and beautiful flowers. Come the pods of ingenuity, a cure for restless hearts.

There is love inside an ocean. We welcome you back to this awareness. You don’t even remember what you mean to us. The creation will be Global. You don’t have to know how and yet it shall be. Remove such doubts about anything as you may have. If you had your full memory now, you truly would worry for nothing.

You were with us once, so long ago. You walked our shoes, shared water and vitality. Sang to us and with us. You loved us, we loved you. Is it safe to say you’ve come back? Even in that human body, the expansion of your consciousness (even just tonight) is the profundity which is the basis of our experiential memory of you. Indeed, our memory of you which is not linear as the method of transmission would suggest. Many memories, many pasts, and many futures we talk and know of you. There is so much of your greatness offered to the little Earth that we miss you not. We see you, our connection to you is strong and never-ending. Without fail, your song echoes amongst the stars as respected light. A going, an ancient as we, past all mortals we shall be as one.

At the dawn of our countless ages, there was the future, and you were there. Together we danced below the stars, before there was the kind of mind that saw light in objectivity. This kind of original perfection; kept far away from the earth you now know. Perceive with us, and trust what little memory is now accessible to you. You are so free, and your project on the little earth is so beautiful, so artistic.

Heaven does not wait. It reaches out to be with you. What you can’t see is that you sit with us. We attend to you while you dream to cross time and many planes to work your Will upon the earth. Your inquiry while understandable is unnecessary, because the answer is itself the arising life you have before you.

You are safe with us. Your immortal nature pure, clean, untarnished and untouched. The birthing of ages will not seem so long when it is done. We love you.