In Response to the mental / objective / hallucinatory debate in Magick

The main problem with any model or system soever is that it is either not inclusive of the total available reality, or reduces multiple co-arising realities into a single form or limitation.

There is so much confusion on what is actually happening when we do magick, that it is very difficult to tease apart the roughly 5 conversations that happen all at once when this topic comes up. I will do my best to be clear, although that usually never guarantees anything.

We can start by stating that as far as ‘hallucinations’ are concerned, everything is in its own way a hallucination. Granted, the gross matter reality we dream when we are awake and grounded in our bodies is a very difficult one to realize fully as illusory; but a good start is to recognize how a normal human being without any higher development or awareness lives completely and absolutely within their own illusion, with faulty ties at best to the consensus reality we inhabit as a society and multicultural planet.

One very important truth that gets people confused is that a ‘spirit’, or a spiritual being has a correspondence with some aspect of your make-up as a human being. This is usually where people who work with, see, or otherwise believe in spiritual entities get their panties in a bunch. The simple reality is that everything that exists outside of us, is in truth internal to our own existence. This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘mental’. Plant spirits are an excellent example. Communion with plants is possible based on the fact that the plant world is a component to the existence of mammals, and humans, and mind. Without plants, and plant spirits; your physical body would not exist … and as well, your mind would have no basis of life to grow out of, and so would also not exist.

This is the only thing that should be meant when we talk about dealing with spirits in terms of them being internal to our nature.

The second point is that spiritual entities can manifest in any suitable body that you give them to manifest in. This can be wind, rain, sunshine etc.; or plants, herbs, trees, fungus etc.; or animals, minerals, or other organic materials and foods, etc.; and they can even manifest in other inert objects like incense smoke as in traditional grimoire work. If you charge an energy field through magick and evocatory ritual, using all the proper correspondent tools and signs, and induce a magickal state in your own awareness … all these components taken together are the vehicle given to the spirit to manifest in, its body.

All of these things are matters of scale. When working with nature spirits, you don’t necessarily need to have a ‘conversation’ with them in a standard mental way. Since they correspond directly to components of your own being, their shared vibration communicates with your body directly. Perhaps the mind is used to translate this information into something more strictly human; but the congress between man and nature spirit requires no higher level cognition. These are matters of instinct and primal feelings and wisdom.

When we scale up to something like a Grimoire; its important to observe first the difference in materials required for that kind of work. Now instead of being in Nature, we are in a formal ritualized setting, using tools like a lion skin belt, wands, daggers, incense, chalk, and all kinds of other crazy man-made objects. The scale has increased to the mental. 

Just as nature spirits (natural entities) correspond with frequencies in your body’s vibration, grimoire entities; chaos magick servitors, etc., have correspondences in the psyche. This does not mean they are purely mental and in the operators head. They simply have a corresponding vibration in the mental capacity of the operator which is required as a component for the vehicle in which the spirit manifests in.

The problem always arises when we insist that it is either or.

Further, just as I stated that a massive amount of humans live in an illusion because they have no developed awareness to perceive reality as it is; the same is true for magicians. This leads us to a totally different aspect of the topic, which has to do with technique, and whether or not spiritual contact between a magician and a spirit has truly been initiated, or if it is being faked.

Most of the time, a magician who is even concerned about whether or not spirits/entities are ‘real’ or ‘in your head’ is only confused because they haven’t made actual contact yet. The stark duality and insistence that “spirits are either true or false” betrays the fact that no developed awareness is present, and the magician is under an illusion; and this is the true hallucination in magick.

The astral plane is simply a hallucinated projection of the contents of the mind. It can be very useful, but the same problem arises between astral travelers who can perceive reality as it is, and astral travelers who project a false reality onto their experience. If you can’t do some really spooky shit on the astral; like get information that you couldn’t possibly have known otherwise, or compel a person or event to present itself to you, etc.; than you are probably not seeing reality clearly, which means your imagination cannot properly compose the astral plane itself. Instead you get shells and shadows and you don’t even know it.

Same issue with entheogens. Some people have a light show and see the most useless garbage from their own baggage and stress … but people who know how to do spiritual work have deeply internal and permanently transmutational experiences.

The difference is in the awareness.

The Second Beast

If we pretend for the moment that Jesus was a real person, than he was surely a Stellar Manifestation. Which is very interesting, because the Church purports to worship him as a Hero/Myth Demigod whose symbol is comically the ‘crucifixation‘ and limitation of that Stellar force. As the Rosicrucians have always understood, the true Stellar current is achieved by placing the Rose of Sexuality at the center of the cross. A true Christian understands that crucifixtions were happening left and right in Jesus’ time. A True Christian understands that Jesus attained a realization, and a tantric one at that. He wasn’t the only Magus of his time. There was also for an example Simon Magus, also baptized by John, who would be attended by whirling and dancing priestesses, whipping their chains ahead of his arrival and spitting up dust and fanfare.

The limitation of Jesus is that he had to be killed bodily to translate his vessel into Heavenly Matter. Comparatively, the Apocrypha of Enoch describes a man, the ancestor of Noah, who was taken bodily and alive into Heaven. He was translated to Immortal Divinity as he was, without need for a revolution cum persecution and execution of the bodily manifestation of the Stellar Force. Not only this, but such was the Creator’s love of Enoch that he was translated into Metatron. If you want to investigate the nature of this transmutation, turn your attention to the traditional Hebrew spellings of the name Metatron. Metatron’s name can be spelled with 6 or 7 letters, and their numerical equivalent and attendant gematria show mechanical keys; a physics of this ancient yoga and alchemy. Metatron’s cube also contains secrets and important mechanics, but they cannot be had simply by dancing under club lighting in the presence of one, or wearing it as a fashion statement. (lol, n00bs)

Metatron is the ‘Angel of the Presence’ (pure, present awareness, I-I), and is also known as a kind of lesser GOD; that for all intents and purposes (operations), Metatron IS God. Enoch ‘became’ Metatron while still in a bodily existence; he became God. The form of theoria & praxis that this Royal Art manifests in is always ‘Non-Dual’. Non-Duality, in very simple and blunt terms means that our mundane world of matter, samsara and suffering, Blakeego and separation, is literally and unequivocally the self-same as the Divine and Ideal realms. Nirvana is Samsara and Samsara is Nirvana, they are ‘not-two and not-one’, ‘neti-neti’, neither-neither’.

When Enoch was brought into heaven, he was shown a series of ‘Tables’, or ‘Tablets’ which contained the Magickal System of the Lord’s Angels, of Creation itself; and that is to say a subtle physics, a system of mechanics. Jumping ahead to the 16th Century, we find Renaissance man Dr. John Dee’s work to mystically retro-engineer Enoch’s Transmutation.  Angelic Magick, so-called Enochian, allows the avid seeker to contact the Angelic forces, the Angelic dimension. The Angelic dimension is itself the alchemical elixirs, or ‘Forces of Creation’ which make the transmutation possible. Let me say that again, the Angelic Universe itself is the ingredients necessary to transmute the practitioner in her own native dimension through an Angelic and Creative methodology.

But deeper thought must be paid attention here. Did either Enoch or Dee ‘require’ the magickal system to achieve the result? If you really think about it, these men didn’t ‘do magick’ or ‘alchemy’ in the way most people talk about and practice it. All the practice of these old systems is for sure extremely important as a foundation of habit, discipline, structured thought, and the continuity of the body of Magick; and to learn how it has been done before. But in every case, Magick and Magickal Systems are the result of the Transmutation, and NOT the cause. This of course presents us with a basic question. If Magick is not the cause of Transmutation, then what is?

Transmutation is caused by Contact. In Dee’s case, it began with strange sounds in the night and a serendipitous encounter with his ‘partner in crime’ Edward Kell(e)y. After this inciting incident, the instructions for the Magick, a process for continuing and increasing the Contact, were delivered in steps and stages by the source(s) of that Contact. Enoch of course was given instruction all at once until it was done. Perhaps a result of our descent into the Kali Yuga was the increase and stretching of linear time required for complete translation as our human perception was unable to bridge the Abyss between the Ideal and the Actual and pass beyond in bodily life.

The manifestation of the Stellar, or Galactic/Elemental force, the Sun/Star/Son in its most puissant and Androgyne of conceptions, the Crowned and Conquering Child. The Child is a generation field whose polarity consists of Infinite Space, Time, and Nature, Nuit, Kronos, and Pan on the Negative Arc; and Infinite Depth, Motion, and Heaven, Hadit, Hermes, and Thoth on the positive Arc. The formula of the child is not the suffering if IAO, but the natural growth and accelerated evolution of the Child FIAOF.

harpocratesAurobindo terms this non-dual transmutation as a reception of ‘Gnosis’:
“The gnosis does not reject the realizations of the lower planes; for it is not an annihilation or extinction, not a Nirvana but a sublime fullfillment of our manifested Nature. It posesses the first realizations under its own conditions after it has transformed them and made them elements of a divine order. The gnostic soul is the child, but the king-child (so Heraclitus, “The kingdom is of the child.”); here is the royal and eternal childhood whose toys are the worlds and all universal Nature is the miraculous garden of the play that tires never.”

In the garden we grow. The Sun is the energy of Life on our Planet. The bodily manifestation of the Stellar/Galactic force is an agent of accelerated evolution, to grow. The Stellar/Galactic force is the Human Soul in utter union with the Supreme Individual made manifest. There are also bodily manifestations of the Natural/Universal Force, as well as bodily manifestations of the Divine/Transcendental force. Each complex Human structure contains all of these realizations in not two and not one. Heaven, Terra, Human. The Body, the Heart, and the Mind. Works, Love, and Gnosis. Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur. Being, Consciousness, Bliss. I, We, It. Personal, Universal, Objective. The Good, The True, and the Beautiful. Wisdom, Courage, and Power. Planetary, Astrological, Galactic/Elemental. In actuality, there is no definitive mechanic for pinning down the trinity. It manifests on all planes at all times, and its correspondences, its masculine and feminine interactions, can manifest in infinintely changing variety, or in solid continuous forms. It is something that in actuality cannot be accessed, but only experienced in real time. The Tao.images (1)

It is this ‘Real Time’ aspect which is the Summum Bonum of all practice and attainment. It takes us back to Metatron as ‘The Angel of the Presence’, and the reasons why realized humans produce magickal systems as a result of their Contact and Transmutation. As the Church continues to apply its long dead formula, brainwashing masses into (metaphorically) crucifying on site the Stellar/Galactic/Elemental force, it should be simple to see why the formula of growth requires a constant refreshing and renewing of perspectives. In Magick, formulas are subtle boundaries, and what they contain is slippery enough to contain anything soever. Magickal Systems will give you Contact, but once Contact is made, the transmutation requires improvisation, change, growth! Expressing yourself in the moment with naturalness devoid of any past conception of self. From nothing, True Personality spontaneously arises. As in Tantra we are asked to attempt new experiences, give in to the devil and realize he is none other than God teaching us our desires, and the secret keys to our kinks, our stored vistas of power.

Enoch walked with Angels, he dared the impossible, and became God. This is the true essence of being a Magickal Warrior Priest-Prince. It is knowing your divine right to live as you have chosen in your True Soul Personality. Your divine right to rule your garden, love its beings, cultivate them and grow together. Love things as they are but get your hands dirty and increase their capacity to contain Divinity. Your right to seek the impossibly real perfection of each arising moment, leaping with laughter from one perfection, to a new and still greater perfection arising with the movement and meaning of time. True Magick is a war waged over a vast country, waged with joy and vigor, transcended across many lifetimes and entrained in a glorious chorus of song.

Welcome to the Dance, get into the Groove.

10014986_700184136686389_1070778683_n~ Deuteron Therion