(The Priestess speaks from the Primordial Whirlings of Chaos : October 31, 2013)

Memories regained
On a wing and a prayer
Hope against hope against
The shadow of sleep

Sleep. AWAKEN! Alive Alive Alive
Sleep no more, my children of stars
Allow Universal Love to shine forth your individualism.
Know thyself. BE Thyself! In harmony with the discord that is the multiplicity of life.

Life! Alive Alive Alive.
Breathe in. Deeply. Drink the smell of the Universe. Brothers and Sisters in arms against the slave of forgetfulness.
Slave! Slave of Will to the Master. Change. Remove regret. Change!

Be Masterful. Rephrase. Live fully and engage.
Love. Not the sappy love of dreams and poetry,
But the living vital love that springs Life into Be. Being into Life.
Love. Not like the song or the sonnet, but like the bird loves the air and Tree embrace All.

Take Flight! Fight! Free Free Free.
All is free. And you will pay dearly
Awaken the song within and vibrate your space
Fill your room with Heart Song.

Sing. Breathe and Sing. To honor’s highest height.
Rip the veil and bring Yourself forth
Enter into the face of Might and Strike Down the bane of forgetfulness!

Strike your Heart the sound within. Vibrate. Resonate
With the ones to stimulate.
Shy into Shine. Be the Lightness in no Shadow. Flash!Bang!IntoBeing!
Play, and give into playing. Joy.

Steady. Study. Tracks that bend and sway the Light Song.
Song of Light. Listen with eyes that see the threshold and veil it not.
Open the eyes of mind and heart, United, in Soul, the Initiates, seeded in the Body Divine.
Soul to be, in whose time? Trapped in Freedom.