~~~ Trading Time ~~~

all I have is this yoga of non-graspingtime_gone-199x223
and a refusal to ask why
as I hold fast to True Love
I let go the lusting for results

I enter the vessels of the extraordinary
every single day galactic
longing for your presence still
even though like me, you’re everywhere

entering time’s component geography itself
the beings there delight
in my offering of this love
I must offer love to the collapse of time

the stream of no age aeons flows in meanings moments
the beings surround my mind
splashing essense of the adventure
synchronous collapse sends fools over the edge

wondering often if you think I wanted to own you
good gods how it isn’t so
remembering your heart’s liberation
my integrity firm to the action of your self mastery

knowing I’m not supposed to see you truly
but that’s what I do
you opened when you were with me
in the eternal time places where we sat together

I never intended to win, the game I play is endless
for True Love is unborn
and so also is undying
fighting and dying to my self on behalf of your soul

I don’t necessarily like my functions, my giftsimage003-006
especially when I know
someones gonna close the door
and run hard fast away from a deep penetration

so old fashioned, stuck saving lost innocence
when no one wants saving
nor do I want to save
but nobility and divinity make me their bitch everytime

still reaching out with my feelings
against your cynicism
pure heart, pure love
I think imma still try and find you again

~ Frog