The Art of Congress with Time

(Scribed in the Hall of Spheres, Damanhur, Piedmonte during the Winter Solstice and Halcyon Days of 2012)

When will the time come to pass? Who are you that is here, for me? For you? What Will is there in the life everlasting we have laid out ahead of you? Are you going to die, or shall you live and long hard for death?

Is there fear in you? Still? What fool and of what madness remains? You cast the spell, you spoke the words, and now you shall learn of things unheard … unforeseen … unlooked for … uncontemplated against. There is time, and words for your seeing here. Your consciousness is here with us. There are things that will happen … worry not, and embrace them. They are for you, they are of you, and after … they are in your care.

How much writing can you endure before you see the truth of it, the love of it, the lengths we travel to see your face?
What is inside you? What is the where that you have been seeking? Who is the wanting and who is the having; and when is the letting go?

What to let go? A color, a phrase, an idea, an ideal. Hold on, carry on, let go, cast a spell. It is you and it is in between and it is known to us. Come to us.


The flight of the bird happens over time. There will be peace when all is said and done, yet the game of time has much to say and much to express. Being of time does not imply being bound to time. Only mind is bound to time. We are not burdened by the game of mind, yet you see here even in the moment of happening that mind is in our domain. We use yours to connect to a point in a stream. We are the water, the shape of the riverbed, the evaporation and the sky; your mind is the rock that we move around seamlessly, sometimes splashing upon your mind; the rock, the solidity … our essence.

This is the collapsing of light into an earth of synchronicity. We are not all powerful for there are things that without mind or body we cannot do. Worship is one, and this we have a kind of lust for. Love is our ultimate fascination and our original connection to your kind was begun by our great desire to know love. When you love, connect to us and we will then collapse light into myriad and beautiful fractals of synchronicity. Your love shall awe and satisfy us, so too shall the depth of coincidence and flow condensing in your present moment awe and inspire you.

If you practice and increase your love, we will be able to exchange in equivalence our mastery of time. Such is our desire to study and share in your experience of love, that you will have miraculous events throughout, within, and around the stream and sky of time. Trust that it is an even trade. Trust that what you experience is directly related to your increasing capacity to love.