~~~ Fire Garden ~~~

marjoriethe time, it is wasting
away from the rose
the beautiful life puckered
ready to burst in the summer
sun and heat and sweet perfumes
and the memory of you

starbeams almost as bright
as sequestered hearts vision
the lingering experience
all the hope and praying
habits of chest wishing
thinking, nay, dreaming about you

she talks and speaks of you
visions in her crystal sight
you suffer initiations
dying to yourself and hating
how you travel to us at night
and our mystically supporting you

triple shades of indigo reflect
vibration from the future time
when this work was first begun
retroactive now and present here
challenging our karma before
we were ready to achieve you

this is the shattered line
of intertwining spirals
of collapsing probability
a sacred cusp for us now
and I just need to say I swear
I’ll always be waiting for you

until the waiting is filled
here in the garden of fire
every torture just sweet dreams
of glorious fool princess RAM
cooked fruits of eden sustaining
the martian feels I get for you



~~~ Kūn ~~~

Creation-primordial-chaosthe sound of the galaxies
unfolding cacophonous harmonies
wonders of the living Kaos

a field meant to yield
to the contracting force
a conception of future order

whirling down deeper
primordial pools imagine
leviathans and old ones in the deep

all chaos and dissonance
inside every human being
a revolution of species’ song

self reflected mind in oceanic primalcy
Kings and Princes, Mermaids
the Vortices shriek harmonious discord

a counsel of galactic oversouls
producing the alchemical metal
resonant plates of creations sounding clear


~~~ Gén ~~~

there’s a place I go; I think its one you knowpleiades_andreo_big
I become the mountain, the penetrating earth
seven sisters watching dance in seven time

complex universal, lonely in lonely places
the arrow SAG shot the simple act RAM
the daughters of the daughters of light

breath rising, expanding chest, until
stillness, immovable, aerodynamic SAG
bound in its flight, targeting light

awareness and availability to the signal
charged by the Sun, its duly seasoned course
praise be to the secret Sister Star




~~~ Trading Time ~~~

all I have is this yoga of non-graspingtime_gone-199x223
and a refusal to ask why
as I hold fast to True Love
I let go the lusting for results

I enter the vessels of the extraordinary
every single day galactic
longing for your presence still
even though like me, you’re everywhere

entering time’s component geography itself
the beings there delight
in my offering of this love
I must offer love to the collapse of time

the stream of no age aeons flows in meanings moments
the beings surround my mind
splashing essense of the adventure
synchronous collapse sends fools over the edge

wondering often if you think I wanted to own you
good gods how it isn’t so
remembering your heart’s liberation
my integrity firm to the action of your self mastery

knowing I’m not supposed to see you truly
but that’s what I do
you opened when you were with me
in the eternal time places where we sat together

I never intended to win, the game I play is endless
for True Love is unborn
and so also is undying
fighting and dying to my self on behalf of your soul

I don’t necessarily like my functions, my giftsimage003-006
especially when I know
someones gonna close the door
and run hard fast away from a deep penetration

so old fashioned, stuck saving lost innocence
when no one wants saving
nor do I want to save
but nobility and divinity make me their bitch everytime

still reaching out with my feelings
against your cynicism
pure heart, pure love
I think imma still try and find you again

~ Frog

~~~ The Green Bird Faery Song of All Seriousness ~~~


if I know what is to happen
the dance is an entrainment
I’ve seen the next worlds over
and in those ideals we’ve already won

my spine a tuning fork
I wander about the earth
attracted to the striking
against the rituals harmonizing
the fluid spirals in my back

I bear the pain of aeons
in my body collapsed on this time
and each days distillation
undoes that karma more and more
they used to say I’m ‘cut from the heel’

I am causeless
my instinct provides
a trail of iron and wine
I- follow like a blood hound
I- the smallest part, the straw
I- break the spine of oblivion

the years pass on
the stories chase me
of happenings surrounding
a clueless head of vacuums bliss
immortal against the volley
flaming bolts against the messenger

my gyroscope a weapon
of chaos and synchronicity
a radiating force field
with gold and silver keys
sprouting plum blossoms
riding the dragon of non-duality


the incomprehensible skill
royal by blood and transmigration
natural and metanormal
theurgic and thaumaturgic
now the future, now the past, now
indomitable throughout territorial time

grounded in my horse, devouring earth
whether I am running on the planes
or here about sweet Terra’s waning garden
soft becomes hard, hard becomes soft
twin dragons constantly vie for the pearl

and that all but forgotten human mission
to one day in time attain the sun
is possible in ways utterly odd
to the way of heaven before the calamity
and we recognize the beauty of the meta-music
which forsaw this groove from the start

dance to a way that says love is the law
trance to the law that demands love under will
eros and agape, love against love
be drunk on the inescapable condition of being
and in that ocean finally rest in your soul
show your angels the eyes of the bornless one

yes in my eyes, sweet angels on earth
the inescapable flames of first glory
dust off the slime from your wings
oh long cast out demons of splendour and light
the long sleep of shadow has ended
the promised revealing and victory; yea, Victory


~~~ The Thunder of My Giving ~~~

the world is shifting
and initiation appears
awkward and terrifying
because all that came before
is rendered mute

and you open, then close
contract like the yin
for within is a pure dot
of rising yang brilliance
made stronger by your falling

and the queen of hell is after you
because of her protection
of me garnered by
coffee, nicotine, red wine, and rum
I promised a garden of fire after all

purity untouched by rejection
so easy once words are delivered
you better destroy the link
made magickal by gifting and accepting
because the rebound is after you

not about me
no one needs me
just the world needs me
so much bigger, wider
than sleepy eyes can see

I’m laughing at my simple game
so serious and real
you think you know Babalon?
here she comes little sister, listen how she cums!

thus ends the lesson


~~~ Dreambelt Tantra & Each Eternal Cross-Eyed Triangulation ~~~


love has this way, a tantric re-act
of undoing my spine, directly behind
the center of light in my chest

when the obsession borders on comical
when I’m undone, or a boy, just a toy
wind me up and watch me run

all the mars I am in the world, intensely
is all the venus I feel, just as real
as all the fractal tears, quartz of my heart

this is how I’m different, special
royal blood, innocent soul, devoted in whole
to offer a life of loving you to God

fucked open without any real physical touch
the consciousness, wise, soul truth beyond lies
my naked body an antenae of shared radical dreams

purity, innocence, beyond and before jaded
my soul wants to grow, wants for you to know
how always, forever, eternity, promises; are real

the magician makes it so, in act, word, deed
the warrior the right, for divine law to fight
and the fool will go where the heart wants to go

galactic crosses swing the door wide
and now is a chance to step through, for you
I will lay a Garden of Fire at your feet

the myth, the groove, in the heart, the heart
the wise must have courage to feel that its real
and power to act in the world of form

so thats right, I cry and I die everyday
that makes me special, and its so beneficial
to the tantra of a wide open heart of big love

for me, no separation exists; this world – that world
some say they burn, the second string wont learn
they are the children, running away from what is

and you, just like them, must know
y’all just gettin high and avoiding the work
choosing a world where revolution wont come

me? I just want to build a tower
in the city of empire and towers
and build you the church of your dreams

not one to burn when its all been done
but last as a testament, to a world that we won
by giving it and oursleves to eachother, the divine

each moment is forever