PRINCIPES ORACULO – Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There were II spirits of Space, one was a Sword and the other an Eye, they were twins and hence, One.

A Crab who held the key for all Martians there was, and two Rams.

One Ram held the Crab, and by possessing it put on the armor of the Egyptian Horus. Strong for the journey across the void, and back and forth did the first Ram go at his pleasure having put on the wings.

The other Ram tried to possess the Eye, and unknowingly the Sword intervened, for they are Twins. This other Ram had left the Fishes, both of whom loved the Ram dearly, in a quest to possess the Eye.

The Fishes consulted with the First Ram and the Crab.

The Eye pretends it doesn’t know the Sword is there, and both of them being Space, the second Ram was kept grasping at something that wasn’t really there. This hurt the Fishes, who blamed the Twins.

So the First Ram armed as Horus in the shell of the Crab, took up to fight the Sword with his Two Horns, one short and one long.

The Second Ram thought the First to be fighting against her, and so offered anger and subtle subterfuge in return, the Eye seeing all and playing along, pretended the Sword does not exist.

The Eye offered pain and loneliness, and with Two Horns did the First Ram fight. The Eye, seeing the First Ram fighting with the Sword, believed the Ram to be fighting in its name, but also knew that somehow the Ram was fighting against it, by way of engaging the Eye’s twin, the Sword.

When the Short Horn finally held at bay the Other Ram, and the Long Horn swiftly neutralized the Sword, the first Ram staring directly into the Eye declared, “I am Fighting for the Fishes!”.

The Horns fell away, and the knight lifted up his visor and from behind the Crab Armor their was only void and laughter …

The End