~~~ Fire Garden ~~~

marjoriethe time, it is wasting
away from the rose
the beautiful life puckered
ready to burst in the summer
sun and heat and sweet perfumes
and the memory of you

starbeams almost as bright
as sequestered hearts vision
the lingering experience
all the hope and praying
habits of chest wishing
thinking, nay, dreaming about you

she talks and speaks of you
visions in her crystal sight
you suffer initiations
dying to yourself and hating
how you travel to us at night
and our mystically supporting you

triple shades of indigo reflect
vibration from the future time
when this work was first begun
retroactive now and present here
challenging our karma before
we were ready to achieve you

this is the shattered line
of intertwining spirals
of collapsing probability
a sacred cusp for us now
and I just need to say I swear
I’ll always be waiting for you

until the waiting is filled
here in the garden of fire
every torture just sweet dreams
of glorious fool princess RAM
cooked fruits of eden sustaining
the martian feels I get for you