Mental Stability in Magick

in some sense, the magician takes advantage of psychological ‘breaks’, and employs them for technical reasons. The reason meditation becomes important is because you need that context of true reality to do something like that in an artistic way.

even though we employ scientific method in magick; and that is to say you should be seeking to devise experiments which can prove your hypotheses about magick wrong; the results of magick do not always occur in the scientific domain.

it is important to remember that the artistic sphere co-arises with the objective sphere of reality. The simple problem and biggest mistake newcomers to magick make (to the detriment of their mental stability and ability to get on in the social world of normalcy) is confusing their artistic vision with what is ‘objectively real’. Your art, these royal and magickal arts are made objectively real by the way you behave and engage in the world; and are not made objectively real by musing about things or playing psychological games with your own wiring.

taking responsibility for yourself and your place in the world; balancing the planetary and pranic aspects of your nature (karma) as it were; is the first thing you must do. To avoid it causes problems because the awakening garnered by magick is a step process. Further, timing considerations need to be understood, and this has to do with your ‘groove’ in the world of form, your astrology (bhakti). The space where you are ‘in the zone’ and everything becomes possible. If you can achieve a balancing of planetary/karmic forces (grace) and apply the timing that is appropriate to your own peculiar nature through expressing and giving your unique gifts (bhakti) … you are perhaps prepared to actually have a meaningful gnosis, or trance of wisdom, which can provide real visions of true mechanics of the universe (jnana).

but all of that requires transcendence of each step, one after the other. Otherwise you lose your continuity with reality. Then you are just imagining things and the magick never becomes real; nothing extraordinary ever actually happens. It is absurd to think you are on to something in magick if your sense of joy, liberation, awe, and inspiration is not on a constant and spiraling increase, undefeated by the turbulence of the magickal current.

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