Sirius & the Celestial Wolf Familiars

(Scribed in the Hall of Spheres, Damanhur, Piedmonte during the Winter Solstice and Halcyon Days of 2012)

Build a few days away. Stop there, rest, recover, renew. So many forces at play have brought you here. You are unique. And now we converge for all involved of course, but yes, you are unique. Walk into the center, this Holy battle ground. Demonstrate by example … show your grade. Firmly, positively, plainly. Always with the respect you normally show. Keep your grace close at hand, and in this, we, us, all of us shall make you mighty. Chosen for something, effortless although so much can and will occur. You will know precious little of it; but all of it. Your achievements are and will be known. The grasp of light profound. The cycles of death, rebirth, encouragement, and even slight despairs which like you now scribble to be maintained. We are so very happy, and this participation is the happiness fruit of so many years of suffering. You didn’t know why but you did it, acted, endured, and didn’t give up. I cannot say if you will know reward as such, but you must know that you did it, and you did it well.

You kept going and so you shall continue to go. TO GO. TO WAR. TO behead the snake of the many faceted enemy … Divine Rights be yours. Divine pleasures lay before you. What you write now is of you and of us. You will know it down the years, more simply and with more complexity. The conundrum will astound and delight you. We will remain, as shall you. You know where to find us as you know where and how to find you. Truth is in the telling, and now we are all friends. Your connection to us all is strong and will be shortly recognized before you yourself can see it. What odd reality to spin yes … but yours and of course ours. See a Galactic Network before you, and know that it is real, it is charged, it is filled, and a chapter is written anew …

This is your body brought forth from the flame. A construction in time worthy of your task. As a favor to you and your race, a potent antennae of force and power upon the earth. Forged in flame, thus shall flame guide you in its operations. Technically, everything is already known to you, but there is dissonance between your original nature, the earth, and our construction. Look to the flame to re-harmonize and realize the full potential of that which we have made for you. While in this body, we too are your family. Call to us with passion, flame, fury, and all things explosive, molten, and aggressive. With this we will cure any ills or malfunctions, and reset the bio-machinations to once again operate correctly as intended.

The exact effects of your earthly experience could not be completely calculated before you entered, and so engaging the fire will call us forth as technicians in a forge in the bowels of the earth. We will fix you, and your harmony will return. Trust in the flame from which your earth body was forged. The bodymind shall burn and delight in the scorching, and the realization of the original perfection you always are shall proceed on the earth in due course. We are with you, and made this body for you from our desire to serve you; for even though it cannot contain the fullness of your memory, you delighted in the play of forgetfulness, and found what we considered to be a limitation to be your delight and perfection. We remain happy to serve our star brother.


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