New Moon Ritual

(delivered unto the Priestess from the Trinity of Synchronicity and the Angels in the Garden)

The-Sound-and-Symbols-By-Itom-LabWe sit before the Master.  He is slender, but mighty in his energy, standing on the altar space before everyone.  In one broad arc of his right arm he casts the wand out over the crowd. A stream of water bursts forth, spraying the participants in a cool bright shower.  The mass opens its heart and receives the divine blessing.  The water of life, a gift to the soul.  Once Fe feels the water she breaks into a humming trance, swaying gently and vibrating a low pitch.  Others do the same around her, vibrating different sounds at different pitches.  The sound reverberates gently through the open temple, its mighty columns reaching to the heavenly sky. The stars shine brightly above, the might of space open before them. The vowels hum different parts of the body, and the hum that it creates sends their earthly song reaching into the heavens. Fe connects with the blue sphere, and melds with the beings there.  They are happy to see her, her friends.

Melone (may-lawn) embraces Fe with a loving stare; their energy fields meld as one for a brief moment.

Halceyon (hal-see-awn) greets in kind, and Tibero (ti-be-row) bows politely from behind them both.

The Master calls out, his voice booming, “It is the time of the New Moon on Earth, let us call the Galactic Counsel!”

The hum continues to grow and ebb, dim and swell.  The bodies sway with the vibrations of sound.  Each participant continues in the same sound and tone.  They inhale gently, quickly, when they need air, and then rejoin without hesitation.  Fe hums a deep ooooooooo, concentrating the vibration on her pelvic floor.

The three beings stand before her. The space is blank and void except for them. She can sense other beings behind them but she cannot see them clearly.  They are humming their own song. It is discordant, yet harmonious, and the sounds are deep and low. The depth of their vibration causes Fe’s head to reverberate, as if the pulse itself is penetrating it to tear it asunder.  Fe’s body on earth continues to vibrate its low oooooo as it sways under the stars.  Her body senses her fellow humans around her, feeling their loving sounds washing over her, building her radiance to these beings.  As the toning continues the beings begin to hear the humans’ song, and the two songs meld and blend together in a single sound, beautiful yet horrifying.  The other humans vibrating ooooo deep in their bodies all receive their massive song.  The other participants are vibrating different sounds and connecting to the songs of other beings.  Those beings hear the song of the human in the sweet sound emanating from the mass.  The galaxy sings as one, the voices of all the beings of space harmonized through their individual songs, played together to sound unity through the universe.

The masses of beings continue into the night, the darkness of the sky penetrating all yet invisible to everyone except the Master.  He stands before the altar before the human race, facing them to look upon the splendor of their song.  He stretches his arms to the sky, opening himself to the sound of the galaxy.  It vibrates his heart with a cold fire, and he charges the huge crystal at the center of the altar through his open palms.  The crystal absorbs the sound, holding this song on Earth so that the lines remain open.

All remain in this dance as one until upon its arising, the humans all breathe as one.  This marks the end of the ritual; farewells and gratitudes are paid to all and by all.  Fe returns to her body, slowing her body’s movement until it comes to a gentle rest, lowering her sound until it drifts off.  The other participants close their meetings in this same fashion, and the temple comes to a deep stillness.  They remain in this stillness, sitting fully present and resounding with the song inside of them.  Minutes, hours, days, they do not worry or care, they sit in this silence, no songs, no humming, no vibrations, just the sounds of nature all around and the mass opening.

One of the participants blurts out a sudden chuckle.  Au and Fe know instantly that, once again, it is The Master Ha.  A few others chuckle awkwardly at the sound. Au laughs out loud, letting the sound move her body. Others join her, and without warning, with full abandon, the mass erupts in ferocious laughter.  Bodies roll to their sides, people fall over one another.  Some have tears streaming down their faces, others can barely breathe as the guffaws rack their bodies without sound.  The laughter continues by all for a few minutes, and as they begin to slow, quiet calmness moves over the crowd.  Once all are settled and sitting, the Master regains himself before the altar and crystal, hands raised once more.  “Thus concludes the Galactic Counsel!”

The mass jumps to its feet with cheers and joy.  They laugh, shout, embrace, and behold one another in their earthy splendor, humbled and enlivened with the living song within them. The music begins again, the song just created.

The Art of Congress with Time

(Scribed in the Hall of Spheres, Damanhur, Piedmonte during the Winter Solstice and Halcyon Days of 2012)

When will the time come to pass? Who are you that is here, for me? For you? What Will is there in the life everlasting we have laid out ahead of you? Are you going to die, or shall you live and long hard for death?

Is there fear in you? Still? What fool and of what madness remains? You cast the spell, you spoke the words, and now you shall learn of things unheard … unforeseen … unlooked for … uncontemplated against. There is time, and words for your seeing here. Your consciousness is here with us. There are things that will happen … worry not, and embrace them. They are for you, they are of you, and after … they are in your care.

How much writing can you endure before you see the truth of it, the love of it, the lengths we travel to see your face?
What is inside you? What is the where that you have been seeking? Who is the wanting and who is the having; and when is the letting go?

What to let go? A color, a phrase, an idea, an ideal. Hold on, carry on, let go, cast a spell. It is you and it is in between and it is known to us. Come to us.


The flight of the bird happens over time. There will be peace when all is said and done, yet the game of time has much to say and much to express. Being of time does not imply being bound to time. Only mind is bound to time. We are not burdened by the game of mind, yet you see here even in the moment of happening that mind is in our domain. We use yours to connect to a point in a stream. We are the water, the shape of the riverbed, the evaporation and the sky; your mind is the rock that we move around seamlessly, sometimes splashing upon your mind; the rock, the solidity … our essence.

This is the collapsing of light into an earth of synchronicity. We are not all powerful for there are things that without mind or body we cannot do. Worship is one, and this we have a kind of lust for. Love is our ultimate fascination and our original connection to your kind was begun by our great desire to know love. When you love, connect to us and we will then collapse light into myriad and beautiful fractals of synchronicity. Your love shall awe and satisfy us, so too shall the depth of coincidence and flow condensing in your present moment awe and inspire you.

If you practice and increase your love, we will be able to exchange in equivalence our mastery of time. Such is our desire to study and share in your experience of love, that you will have miraculous events throughout, within, and around the stream and sky of time. Trust that it is an even trade. Trust that what you experience is directly related to your increasing capacity to love.

In The Garden of Souls

(Scribed in the Hall of Spheres, Damanhur, Piedmonte during the Winter Solstice and Halcyon Days of 2012)

Ask questions of the light. When there is time and dust to speak of, there will also be forthcoming beauty. This beauty take, accept gladly, and multiply. Fruit casting seeds over the little green earth and beautiful flowers. Come the pods of ingenuity, a cure for restless hearts.

There is love inside an ocean. We welcome you back to this awareness. You don’t even remember what you mean to us. The creation will be Global. You don’t have to know how and yet it shall be. Remove such doubts about anything as you may have. If you had your full memory now, you truly would worry for nothing.

You were with us once, so long ago. You walked our shoes, shared water and vitality. Sang to us and with us. You loved us, we loved you. Is it safe to say you’ve come back? Even in that human body, the expansion of your consciousness (even just tonight) is the profundity which is the basis of our experiential memory of you. Indeed, our memory of you which is not linear as the method of transmission would suggest. Many memories, many pasts, and many futures we talk and know of you. There is so much of your greatness offered to the little Earth that we miss you not. We see you, our connection to you is strong and never-ending. Without fail, your song echoes amongst the stars as respected light. A going, an ancient as we, past all mortals we shall be as one.

At the dawn of our countless ages, there was the future, and you were there. Together we danced below the stars, before there was the kind of mind that saw light in objectivity. This kind of original perfection; kept far away from the earth you now know. Perceive with us, and trust what little memory is now accessible to you. You are so free, and your project on the little earth is so beautiful, so artistic.

Heaven does not wait. It reaches out to be with you. What you can’t see is that you sit with us. We attend to you while you dream to cross time and many planes to work your Will upon the earth. Your inquiry while understandable is unnecessary, because the answer is itself the arising life you have before you.

You are safe with us. Your immortal nature pure, clean, untarnished and untouched. The birthing of ages will not seem so long when it is done. We love you.


(The Priestess speaks from the Primordial Whirlings of Chaos : October 31, 2013)

Memories regained
On a wing and a prayer
Hope against hope against
The shadow of sleep

Sleep. AWAKEN! Alive Alive Alive
Sleep no more, my children of stars
Allow Universal Love to shine forth your individualism.
Know thyself. BE Thyself! In harmony with the discord that is the multiplicity of life.

Life! Alive Alive Alive.
Breathe in. Deeply. Drink the smell of the Universe. Brothers and Sisters in arms against the slave of forgetfulness.
Slave! Slave of Will to the Master. Change. Remove regret. Change!

Be Masterful. Rephrase. Live fully and engage.
Love. Not the sappy love of dreams and poetry,
But the living vital love that springs Life into Be. Being into Life.
Love. Not like the song or the sonnet, but like the bird loves the air and Tree embrace All.

Take Flight! Fight! Free Free Free.
All is free. And you will pay dearly
Awaken the song within and vibrate your space
Fill your room with Heart Song.

Sing. Breathe and Sing. To honor’s highest height.
Rip the veil and bring Yourself forth
Enter into the face of Might and Strike Down the bane of forgetfulness!

Strike your Heart the sound within. Vibrate. Resonate
With the ones to stimulate.
Shy into Shine. Be the Lightness in no Shadow. Flash!Bang!IntoBeing!
Play, and give into playing. Joy.

Steady. Study. Tracks that bend and sway the Light Song.
Song of Light. Listen with eyes that see the threshold and veil it not.
Open the eyes of mind and heart, United, in Soul, the Initiates, seeded in the Body Divine.
Soul to be, in whose time? Trapped in Freedom.