~~~ Spaceship Time ~~~

The Light of the Temples
Lights of the World
inside and out
downside and up
this is a spiral
that has no end in time

but the change that comes over you
destined to begin a new calling
new waves and new ways
all at the center which is everywhere
this is a dance and trance
and especially a chance

an open doorway, an invitation
the wonderful working of the ways

to be your seeing in confidence
a stone upon which many waves will crash
does not know its gentleness
how the simplicity is in itself complex

a subtle wave, after wave, after wave
a proud and solid way, going again and going
speak and it will be singing
move and it will be dancing
sleep and it will be dreaming
eat and it will be feasting

without joy they lose their passion
and as the Imperial Fire of synchronicity touches them
they will know, and you will grow
your formula fulfilled

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