~~~ the fire and the loneliness ~~~

so there’s this loneliness on my face
written for the world to see
but it comes from some distant place
you’d be surprised how it doesn’t touch me

passing through the slant of light
that fractures into self and self
like a gilded accent clear to sight
hiding open there up on the shelf

listed are my memories
written onto my brain
a cosmic riff of lifetimes
and a tapestry of pain
compelling subtle dancing
smiling and laughing
uniting every joy experience
abiding intellect grafting

so there’s this fire in my eyeballs
blazing forth to all I meet
but its just a fire burning
under some timeless soul seat

a deeper presence than I can claim
to know, control, or understand
sending me on missions
and ignoring all my well laid plans

allowed to feel the warrior
but just a soldier in a game
a construct for the inhabitant
a complex form cannot be tamed
screaming aloud and dying
in each moment I dissolve
aware only of the explosive tail
the streaking comet that evolves

and its always everywhere
the fire and the loneliness
my experience of the goodness
is the truth in all of us