works, love, & gnosis

When the true Integral Magick is attained, its main characteristic is the ability to perform transmutations without the redundancies normally applied in Magick. Generally speaking, in Western application we may perceive that there is a reliance on outward manifestations of Art. This piece of tech causing this or that connection, or this book of knowledge revealing or conferring this or that world of powers and symbol.

The service of such devices and arts is to put the Magician into proper relation, vibration, or attitude; which disposition can then reveal a unique, or at the very least different way of perceiving things. Logic structure can be viewed as an operating system in this way, and so unique attitudes induced in the Magician by Art provide different lenses for accounting reality.

Such accounts on what is arising build a network where meta-integration can occur inducing transcendence. Results from such a process (and the only means of measurement) occur through behavior, through acts. Something must be done.

As the consciousness increases its capacity for further transcendence, acts take on a sense of being done as an offering to a God/Self/Mission. Gratitude for the chance to serve melts the heart into a warm puddle of bliss, from which buckets of sunshine may be procured. The mind takes on a fair witness, which upon stabilization through the lunar current (biology/behavior) recognizes itself as a component in what is its own immortal presence.

The integration of the triple way (Works, Love, Gnosis) translates our biology and fuses to it a subtle body, which the Magician then may charge at will. Fusion, as opposed to the more New Age approach of travelling in a weakly prepared body of light, is characteristic of the Integral Magick. When Fusion occurs, transmutations are accomplished from within, rather than requiring the rather bulky methods of Rote and Mass Programming (*Thaumaturgy).  The practitioner doesn’t travel the astral or other subtle planes; but rather reality is the pantacle and field of manifestation attracted to the subtle forces fused to the Magicians biology.  The subtle planes come to the true Theurgist, the Integral Magician has no need to seek them.

Making a Theurgist out of every human being must be the goal of Magick and cannot stop short at roping initiates or devotes along to continue the works and charge of the few. The Global Consciousness N’Aton cannot awaken until a mass of humans truly attains the Supramental realization, and experiences the translation which renders all movement, breath, experience, thought, and feeling into a rarefaction of light and consciousness so profound the very DNA emits photons of transformative vibration.

Every Human is a Star

all around

I stare out the window, drinking my coffee. Its freezing cold in south Brooklyn; finally. I wasn’t so sure there would be any freezing cold this winter, and so I am grateful for it. In fact, as I look out the window at the elevated subway tracks, the cerebral meditation music still playing in the background, life feels awfully mystical. I realize I am grateful for everything, as it is, right now, and my place in all of it; which place is incomprehensible to me. The world is so full of Magick, and sensing it fully is in fact enough to actualize it. It lives in me; is charged and attracted to my bloodline.

It seems these days the more I practice being un-self-important, the more meaning I realize from who I am, where I am, right here, and right now. And everything just happens all around me.