PRINCIPES ORACULO – Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There were II spirits of Space, one was a Sword and the other an Eye, they were twins and hence, One.

A Crab who held the key for all Martians there was, and two Rams.

One Ram held the Crab, and by possessing it put on the armor of the Egyptian Horus. Strong for the journey across the void, and back and forth did the first Ram go at his pleasure having put on the wings.

The other Ram tried to possess the Eye, and unknowingly the Sword intervened, for they are Twins. This other Ram had left the Fishes, both of whom loved the Ram dearly, in a quest to possess the Eye.

The Fishes consulted with the First Ram and the Crab.

The Eye pretends it doesn’t know the Sword is there, and both of them being Space, the second Ram was kept grasping at something that wasn’t really there. This hurt the Fishes, who blamed the Twins.

So the First Ram armed as Horus in the shell of the Crab, took up to fight the Sword with his Two Horns, one short and one long.

The Second Ram thought the First to be fighting against her, and so offered anger and subtle subterfuge in return, the Eye seeing all and playing along, pretended the Sword does not exist.

The Eye offered pain and loneliness, and with Two Horns did the First Ram fight. The Eye, seeing the First Ram fighting with the Sword, believed the Ram to be fighting in its name, but also knew that somehow the Ram was fighting against it, by way of engaging the Eye’s twin, the Sword.

When the Short Horn finally held at bay the Other Ram, and the Long Horn swiftly neutralized the Sword, the first Ram staring directly into the Eye declared, “I am Fighting for the Fishes!”.

The Horns fell away, and the knight lifted up his visor and from behind the Crab Armor their was only void and laughter …

The End


~~~ Fire Garden ~~~

marjoriethe time, it is wasting
away from the rose
the beautiful life puckered
ready to burst in the summer
sun and heat and sweet perfumes
and the memory of you

starbeams almost as bright
as sequestered hearts vision
the lingering experience
all the hope and praying
habits of chest wishing
thinking, nay, dreaming about you

she talks and speaks of you
visions in her crystal sight
you suffer initiations
dying to yourself and hating
how you travel to us at night
and our mystically supporting you

triple shades of indigo reflect
vibration from the future time
when this work was first begun
retroactive now and present here
challenging our karma before
we were ready to achieve you

this is the shattered line
of intertwining spirals
of collapsing probability
a sacred cusp for us now
and I just need to say I swear
I’ll always be waiting for you

until the waiting is filled
here in the garden of fire
every torture just sweet dreams
of glorious fool princess RAM
cooked fruits of eden sustaining
the martian feels I get for you


~~~ Kūn ~~~

Creation-primordial-chaosthe sound of the galaxies
unfolding cacophonous harmonies
wonders of the living Kaos

a field meant to yield
to the contracting force
a conception of future order

whirling down deeper
primordial pools imagine
leviathans and old ones in the deep

all chaos and dissonance
inside every human being
a revolution of species’ song

self reflected mind in oceanic primalcy
Kings and Princes, Mermaids
the Vortices shriek harmonious discord

a counsel of galactic oversouls
producing the alchemical metal
resonant plates of creations sounding clear


~~~ Gén ~~~

there’s a place I go; I think its one you knowpleiades_andreo_big
I become the mountain, the penetrating earth
seven sisters watching dance in seven time

complex universal, lonely in lonely places
the arrow SAG shot the simple act RAM
the daughters of the daughters of light

breath rising, expanding chest, until
stillness, immovable, aerodynamic SAG
bound in its flight, targeting light

awareness and availability to the signal
charged by the Sun, its duly seasoned course
praise be to the secret Sister Star




~~~ Trading Time ~~~

all I have is this yoga of non-graspingtime_gone-199x223
and a refusal to ask why
as I hold fast to True Love
I let go the lusting for results

I enter the vessels of the extraordinary
every single day galactic
longing for your presence still
even though like me, you’re everywhere

entering time’s component geography itself
the beings there delight
in my offering of this love
I must offer love to the collapse of time

the stream of no age aeons flows in meanings moments
the beings surround my mind
splashing essense of the adventure
synchronous collapse sends fools over the edge

wondering often if you think I wanted to own you
good gods how it isn’t so
remembering your heart’s liberation
my integrity firm to the action of your self mastery

knowing I’m not supposed to see you truly
but that’s what I do
you opened when you were with me
in the eternal time places where we sat together

I never intended to win, the game I play is endless
for True Love is unborn
and so also is undying
fighting and dying to my self on behalf of your soul

I don’t necessarily like my functions, my giftsimage003-006
especially when I know
someones gonna close the door
and run hard fast away from a deep penetration

so old fashioned, stuck saving lost innocence
when no one wants saving
nor do I want to save
but nobility and divinity make me their bitch everytime

still reaching out with my feelings
against your cynicism
pure heart, pure love
I think imma still try and find you again

~ Frog

Enochian Methodology: A Brief Synopsis




You have to think about Enochian as ‘Magick that Angels Use‘. There is actually a huge difference between an Archangel, and the ‘Enochian Entities‘ contained within the system itself for example.

I agree with the point of view that ther’re perfectly “gentlemanly” (honourable, chivalrous, righteous) ways to go about your dealings with spirits. Enochian Entities don’t generally work in this format, and this is for a specific reason.

Enochian Entities are Forces of Magick … a Magick System used BY Angels in their work of creation on behalf of God. Real Angels are Direct Active Functions of God. Ther’re very few of these Actual Angels in the Enochian System, and most Angels people work with and experience directly are the classic Archangels. The Archangels were the original guardians of the Goddess, so they will always have a special relationship with humanity. You can have the closest thing to a ‘real relationship’ with Archangels … what we would think of as ‘person to person’.

So, Enochian Entities are in fact Forces of Angelic Magick. The idea that ‘every letter is a being‘, should really be ‘every letter is an angelic Force‘. When different combinations of forces are synthesized alchemically within the practitioner, the correspondent ‘Act of Creation‘ will occur in manifest/arising reality.

This is what the consequence is of saying metaphorically that ‘Enochian Entities have an Agenda’. They are truly and technically not ‘personalities’ at all. We give them names as a scientist would name elements on the periodic table; but ‘Enochian Entities‘ in truth, are actually components and ingredients for the magick of creation, the magick of angels. The only way to truly synthesize these components is in the body of the practitioner. This is also a consequence of saying ‘Enochian Entities‘ have an agenda; they use you as a bridge mechanic to increase the consciousness of God, The Lord … and we should really consider the concept of God, or The Lord in an exalted and high conception as we are capable of, at least giving it the benefit of non-quality and non-quantity, formlessness and without limitation.

Bridging the Angelic Forces in this way causes a Divine Transmutation in the practitioner. The whole idea that Enochian Magick is ‘dangerous’ comes from these facts, but just as thinking that ‘enochian letters are angelic beings’, these concepts are outdated. Enochian Magick is not dangerous … it is Real. You can experience permanent changes and open doors. The thing to remember is that, all mundane things being harmonious (living conditions, cash flow, healthy relationships with other humans, health, personal maintenance), the changes that occur are inevitable evolutionary experiences. Bridging between The Ideal and the Actual increases the rate at which the Ideal can more fully manifest itself in the Actual.

When I evoked the Kings and Princes of the Heptarchia Mystica; I felt the general effect was a work of Karma. I have personally struggled in my youth to understand how to feed my body and train my body to maintain health and wellness and a purely operating system. One of the huge things that just changed without any effort on my part was that this ceased being a struggle. I was never told any direct information that I followed by the Kings and the Princes. I simply found that deep habitual ‘programs’ in my personality were suddenly altered.

I also had deep experiences of Ancestral Integration through the Heptarchia Mystica. I worked some Magick on these Planetary/Pranic/Universal forces as well. If you read Dee’s ‘Five Books of Mystery’, the 49 Good Angels (benevolent forces, blessings) are delivered in their raw form on 7 tablets/tables (arranged in a cross on a bright circle with nothing in it) which are the Essential Elemental components of the benevolent/karmic forces. Composing my Ritual Intent in terms of Enochian Letters (as mantra), I then found the Elemental Tablet which encompassed the essential powers I needed, and traced a ‘kamea’ style Sigil. This Sigil, in the old terminology would represent an entity; but really then represents the force of creation that is my Intent.

Since I partake of the creation because I have a Divine Spark … I am the Creation, The Creation is in Me, I am in Creation, I am Becoming the Creation … the Sigil is then synthesized alchemically in my subtle energies; and the correspondent adjustment to the vibration of manifest reality occurs, and unique forms begin to arise. In a word, Art. I get my result.

Imagine a situation where the practitioner is somehow not aware of herself.. the alchemical reality of the Angelic Forces would seize upon that dissonance, and this dissonance would also become manifest as part of the result. The only way to undo this (unless of course its just a kink and you like the way the dissonance sounds), is to work on yourself internally. Changing your habits; becoming a better person … accelerating your own evolution.

The Heptarchy is based on an ancient arrangement of Universal Forces; the Scale of Seven. All of Dee’s work seeks to represent the sameness of humanity IN creation. So the work with Olympic Spirits in ‘Arbatel’ for example, is the same work as the Heptarchy. Dee just describes those aspects of Creation better than anyone. The same is true for the Simon Necronomicon. ‘Gate Walking’ is this work of Karma and Creation, of Behavior and Works and Art, and Action. When Tool sings about ‘stepping into the shadow”, and letting go of judgments when Saturn comes around … this is the aspect of the work they are talking about.

Very Jungian vibe of Individuation. Also, it has the character of initiation and is indeed properly an operation of the White Stone; the work of the neophyte to purify herself and consecrate devotion to the Great Work, the magnum opus.

The Great Table of the Earth has Transcendence written all over it. These Angelic Forces work by timing, groove, astrology, and intuition. They are guiding forces and work in a manner that is severe or gentle. They are more purely ‘practical’ in the sense that they deliver results easily … and they will shock the shit out of you with the consequences of their employment. There is an old saying about Enochian which I do agree with, and it goes something along the lines of ‘never bring a nuclear weapon to a knife fight‘. They certainly get the job done, but they also tend to accelerate everything they touch into synchronicities and inexplicable happenings that can completely alter your life path. This can be hella fun, and is a way of magickal adventuring, and harmonizing your work across many lifetimes. And this is why it is transcendental and astrological. The 4 main powers of The Great Table of Earth are Spirals, Spiral Force, or the wheels of the Chariot, which crosses the abyss (transcendence).

The Aethyrs are Essence. They are everything, they are in everything, everything is in them, and everything is becoming more like them. Even setting up a contact with these forces requires magickal training, discipline, and skill. They can show you many possible futures, and also many possible pasts. They can open many doors in the Territory of Time, and are connected to a Galactic Supermind … the Aethyrs are basically the Neurons and Synapses of God. It is in every way perfected Nature, but is also Divided Form in its Perfection. They are capable of anything, and are freely liberated.

Aurobindo expounds on the Aerial in “The Life Divine”:

the elementary state of material Force is a condition of pure material extension in Space of which the peculiar property is vibration typified to us by the phenomenon of sound. But vibration in this state of ether is not sufficient to create forms. There must first be some obstruction in the flow of the Force ocean, some contraction and expansion, some interplay of vibrations, some impinging of force upon force so as to create a beginning of fixed relations and mutual effects. Material Force modifying its first ethereal status assumes a second, called in the old language the Aerial, of which the special property is contact between force and force, contact that is the basis of all material relations. Still, we have not as yet real forms, but only varying forces.

So I think the thing to realize is the difference between angels, and the angelic forces you work with when using Enochian Magick. I think the best place to start is with John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery. Its the beginning for Dee too, and that book truly reads like a childrens story for communicating something way over the heads of the current development of the reader. Dee was incredibly smart and talented. All the instructions are there, just do it along with the reading of it.

This is the universal process of purification and karma release and shadow work which is simply required before moving on with the work.




Definitely Enochian Magick can be viewed as an operating system, but that’s also true of any system whether it be philosophy or science or mysticism, etc. Most good systems however encompass much more than that. The basic 3 components of Enochian Magick are Heptarchical (Planetary), Great Table of Earth (Astrological) and Aethyr (Elemental). The method of employing angelic forces is a system, but the forces themselves are actual realities of creation which can be generated and synthesized alchemically in the practitioner.

It’s important to remember that Enochian Magick and Enochian Letters are ways of describing reality … so entities are not necessarily Enochian … we are just using Enochian as a language of mechanics, a science of magick.

there is a very important next step in magick. Contact is exactly what you want … but if you want to DO magick or alchemy or mysticism or yoga you have to ‘perenialize’ your personal material. In alchemy this is known as separating the dross from the fine. In all transmissions, there is a veil of our own personality.

To have natural talent and be naturally connected is the truest blessing for sure. But how are these gifts being transmuted and offered to humanity on behalf of ‘God’ … the Lord that you already are?

To make this bridge complete, you need to transmit this connection, and these entities/forces themselves can guide you in how to do that. Perenialization is then understanding the alignment with the perennial philosophy; which is:

The Perennial Philosophy (Latin: philosophia perennis), also referred to as Perennialism, is a perspective within the philosophy of religion which views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, universal truth on which the foundation of all religious knowledge and doctrine has grown.
The term philosophia perennis was first used by Agostino Steuco (1497–1548), drawing on the neo-Platonic philosophy of Marsilio Ficino (1433–1499) and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463–94).

When you make this harmony occur, when you understand your own personal visions and connections in TERMS of, or in context of the perennial philosophy, you can then become a true bridge between the Divine and Humanity. This is in itself The Great Work.

This kind of practice (as opposed to the shadow work I mentioned before with the Heptarchical/Planetary/Universal aspect) is in line with the practice of Transcendence, which as I mentioned belongs in The Great Table of Earth/Astrological/Transcendent aspect. It is a work of the Soul, of Consciousness, of offering your deepest gifts, of Bhakti Yoga.




it is important when working with the Governors  of the Aethyrs to understand that they are bridges between the world of form and the Aerial world of the aethyrs … which is itself formless. Visions such as Ben Rowe’s circle city are then entirely allegorical, and do not exist in the aethyrs themselves, but as a mechanism the governors use to bridge between the aerial realm and the world of form.

Crowley’s Vision and the Voice is particularly good for the Aethyrs, because the allegory recognizes itself as just that, and this is a really important difference. Most of his work in the Vision and the Voice is predicated on his Star-Sponge Vision which is very much a formless mystical experience, and describes very closely this realm of formless varying forces.

My specific point here is that the function of the governors is to translate the aethyrs into terms of mind, into something you can see in the spiritual vision. What you see is a symbol given to the mind so it can interpret a reality that is beyond mind. We cannot interact with the aethyrs using the terms of mind, we can only receive visions in a limited way to help us ascend beyond mind into the heights of the heavenly city. It doesn’t have to be Jerusalem or Circle City, or the heavily thelemic influenced Vision and the Voice.  Spiritual Contact and Mystical Vision are right and proper in their own sphere, the sphere of mind and spiritual vision. But it is not the thing in itself, it is only a dumbed down version from its actual reality, (which is formless). The form it takes in the mind of the practitioner is facilitated by the governors as a bridge mechanism.

The Following is Crowley’s brief writings on the Star-Sponge Vision, which encompasses his deep realization of the Aerial, and mentions how influential it was on his work with the Aethyrs:


There is a vision of a peculiar character which has been of cardinal importance in my interior life, and to which constant reference is made in my magical diaries. So far as I know, there is no extant description of this vision anywhere, and I was surprised on looking through my records to find that I had given no clear account of it myself. The vision developed gradually. It was repeated on so many occasions that I am unable to say at what period it may be called complete. I was on a retirement in a cottage overlooking Lake Pasquaney in New Hampshire. I lost consciousness of everything but a universal space in which were innumerable bright points, and I realized this as a physical representation of the universe, in what I may call its essential structure. I exclaimed, “Nothingness with twinkles!”
I concentrated upon this vision, with the result that the void space which had been the principal element of it diminished in importance; space appeared to be ablaze, yet the radiant points were not confused, and I thereupon completed my sentence with the exclamation, “but what twinkles!”The next stage of this vision led to an identification of the blazing points with the stars of the firmament, with ideas, souls, etc. I perceived also that each star was connected by a ray of light with each other star. In the world of ideas each thought possessed a necessary relation with each other thought; each such relation is of course a thought in itself; each such ray is itself a star. It is here that the logical difficulty first presents itself. The seer has a direct perception of infinite series. Logically, therefore, it would appear as if the entire space must be filled up with a homogeneous blaze of light. This however is not the case. The space is completely full and yet the monads which fill it are perfectly distinct. The ordinary reader might well exclaim that such statements exhibit symptoms of mental confusion.
“… Each stage in the process was like the joy of a young eagle soaring from height to height in ever increasing sunlight as dawn breaks, foaming, over the purple hem of the garment of ocean, and, when the many coloured rays of rose and gold and green gathered themselves together and melted into the orbed glory of the sun, with a rapture that shook the soul with unimaginable ecstasy, that sphere of rushing light was recognized as a common-place idea, accepted unquestioningly and treated with drab indifference because it had so long been assimilated as a natural and necessary part of the order of Nature. At first I was shocked and disgusted to discover that a series of brilliant researches should culminate in a commonplace. But I soon understood that what I had done was to live over again the triumphant career of conquering humanity; that I had experienced in my own person the succession of winged victories that had been sealed by a treaty of peace whose clauses might be summed up in some such trite expression as “Beauty depends upon form”. It would be quite impracticable to go fully into the subject of this vision of the Star-Sponge, if only because its ramifications are omniform. It must suffice to reiterate that it has been the basis of most of my work for the last five years, and to remind the reader that the essential form of it is ‘Nothingness with twinkles.'” — From Crowley’s new comment to “Liber AL”, Ch. I, v. 59.
you can see that he is very specific about how contradictory the human terms and language become when trying to describe the experience. that is because it is in fact an experience of formlessness; aerial in character because you can see that everything that he tries to ‘define’ or ‘distinguish’ with words, doesn’t actually quite cover what he was experiencing in the vision. It requires a union of subject and object (samadhi) to even taste the experience, something that completely annihilates mentality and renders it silent and transparent. the visions of aethyrs are just so; dualistic symbols which attempt to encompass a reality that is itself without form.

In Response to the mental / objective / hallucinatory debate in Magick

The main problem with any model or system soever is that it is either not inclusive of the total available reality, or reduces multiple co-arising realities into a single form or limitation.

There is so much confusion on what is actually happening when we do magick, that it is very difficult to tease apart the roughly 5 conversations that happen all at once when this topic comes up. I will do my best to be clear, although that usually never guarantees anything.

We can start by stating that as far as ‘hallucinations’ are concerned, everything is in its own way a hallucination. Granted, the gross matter reality we dream when we are awake and grounded in our bodies is a very difficult one to realize fully as illusory; but a good start is to recognize how a normal human being without any higher development or awareness lives completely and absolutely within their own illusion, with faulty ties at best to the consensus reality we inhabit as a society and multicultural planet.

One very important truth that gets people confused is that a ‘spirit’, or a spiritual being has a correspondence with some aspect of your make-up as a human being. This is usually where people who work with, see, or otherwise believe in spiritual entities get their panties in a bunch. The simple reality is that everything that exists outside of us, is in truth internal to our own existence. This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘mental’. Plant spirits are an excellent example. Communion with plants is possible based on the fact that the plant world is a component to the existence of mammals, and humans, and mind. Without plants, and plant spirits; your physical body would not exist … and as well, your mind would have no basis of life to grow out of, and so would also not exist.

This is the only thing that should be meant when we talk about dealing with spirits in terms of them being internal to our nature.

The second point is that spiritual entities can manifest in any suitable body that you give them to manifest in. This can be wind, rain, sunshine etc.; or plants, herbs, trees, fungus etc.; or animals, minerals, or other organic materials and foods, etc.; and they can even manifest in other inert objects like incense smoke as in traditional grimoire work. If you charge an energy field through magick and evocatory ritual, using all the proper correspondent tools and signs, and induce a magickal state in your own awareness … all these components taken together are the vehicle given to the spirit to manifest in, its body.

All of these things are matters of scale. When working with nature spirits, you don’t necessarily need to have a ‘conversation’ with them in a standard mental way. Since they correspond directly to components of your own being, their shared vibration communicates with your body directly. Perhaps the mind is used to translate this information into something more strictly human; but the congress between man and nature spirit requires no higher level cognition. These are matters of instinct and primal feelings and wisdom.

When we scale up to something like a Grimoire; its important to observe first the difference in materials required for that kind of work. Now instead of being in Nature, we are in a formal ritualized setting, using tools like a lion skin belt, wands, daggers, incense, chalk, and all kinds of other crazy man-made objects. The scale has increased to the mental. 

Just as nature spirits (natural entities) correspond with frequencies in your body’s vibration, grimoire entities; chaos magick servitors, etc., have correspondences in the psyche. This does not mean they are purely mental and in the operators head. They simply have a corresponding vibration in the mental capacity of the operator which is required as a component for the vehicle in which the spirit manifests in.

The problem always arises when we insist that it is either or.

Further, just as I stated that a massive amount of humans live in an illusion because they have no developed awareness to perceive reality as it is; the same is true for magicians. This leads us to a totally different aspect of the topic, which has to do with technique, and whether or not spiritual contact between a magician and a spirit has truly been initiated, or if it is being faked.

Most of the time, a magician who is even concerned about whether or not spirits/entities are ‘real’ or ‘in your head’ is only confused because they haven’t made actual contact yet. The stark duality and insistence that “spirits are either true or false” betrays the fact that no developed awareness is present, and the magician is under an illusion; and this is the true hallucination in magick.

The astral plane is simply a hallucinated projection of the contents of the mind. It can be very useful, but the same problem arises between astral travelers who can perceive reality as it is, and astral travelers who project a false reality onto their experience. If you can’t do some really spooky shit on the astral; like get information that you couldn’t possibly have known otherwise, or compel a person or event to present itself to you, etc.; than you are probably not seeing reality clearly, which means your imagination cannot properly compose the astral plane itself. Instead you get shells and shadows and you don’t even know it.

Same issue with entheogens. Some people have a light show and see the most useless garbage from their own baggage and stress … but people who know how to do spiritual work have deeply internal and permanently transmutational experiences.

The difference is in the awareness.

Proposition of the 3 Trumps (XXXI VIM TRIPLEX): A Response to Inquiry


The proposition is that the entirety of the knowable (representative) universe can be demonstrated using known energy systems of the human body, namely, Prana, Chi, and Essence.

Prana is Planetary and Universal
Chi is Astrological and Transcendental
Essence is Elemental and Cosmic

The attributions of this trinity are extremely fluid, so that other 3-fold arrangements fit quite naturally, and interpenetrate the images themselves. An example of such an arrangement would be:

Kether – Sol – Essence
Chokmah – Luna – Chi
Binah – Terra – Prana

This interpenetration of various 3-fold arrangements is meant to be fluid, so like in the example above, each of the 3 images represent the 3 most exalted concepts within the representation of any given 1. Other trinities for meditation with these images include – 

being, consciousness, bliss
karma, bhakti, jnana
the good, the true, the beautiful
I, We, It
Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit

so on and so forth.

In practice, Prana encompasses planetary magick, the chakra system, and the realization of the universal oneness that involves itself in matter, and is the self same God that looks out from the eyes of animals, plants and trees, and all of nature and even inanimate matter. The same God we recognize as our deepest selves as well as the deepest self of All (etc.). Karma Yoga and seeing things as they are without the filter of ego or contracted self.

Chi is expressive, shiny, electric, and contains the unique richness of art and self-expression as a sexual and creative force and movement of nature. Whereas Prana is universal, Chi is transcendent and this is played out in our embodiment of the astrology in the fixed stars, and our souls journey and dance through many incarnations while remaining its unchangeable, permanent, and unique self. The connecting lines between the belt/vesica of the zodiac follow the order or the 12 meridians of eastern medicine. Bhakti Yoga and being yourself and giving your unique gifts.

Essence represents the distillation and cultivation of pure energies inherent in the elemental nature of the universe. It is the cosmic life-force and living god which is completely intelligent, and beyond any type of description. Totally trans-formative and evolutionary. The Godhead, and ultimate gnosis of jnana yoga. The doing of the Great Work and the actual living practice of alchemy and divine human transmutation. Its correspondences are the 8 extraordinary vessels of internal martial arts.

All the symbols in the system cover everything in western magick, vedantic mysticism, and eastern medicine. Its a 31 symbol system with obvious connections to regular style occult lurianic qabalah, the book of the law, enochian cosmology and mysticism, integral yoga, and other synchronic forms of trinity worship.